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Phoenix Crisis Disk

Discussion in 'Tools / Datasheet/Softwares' started by Administrator, Jan 14, 2018.

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    The program is used for flashing Phoenix BIOSes, which for some reason do not want to act (eg. The failure to update.) We need to use is a USB drive FDD.

    The tool works well especially in laptops HP and Acer.


    Extract the archive

    Download a BIOS file from the manufacturer and replaces it with a file contained in the program folder. BIOS.WPH file is named and this name must remain!

    Run the file WINRISIS.EXE and begin to create a floppy disk by clicking Start. When you see the Windows environment Formatting window, we select the quick format and execute them. Close the Windows environment and formatting after the end of the program DISK crisis will continue to create a floppy disk.

    After completion of the program communicate create a floppy disk.

    Connecting a station to set up a laptop and a flashing emergency procedure for the producers (Win B + HP and Fn + ESC ACER).

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