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Asus model laptop

Discussion in 'Tools / Datasheet/Softwares' started by Administrator, Jan 14, 2018.

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    Asus 1000 REV:1.1G
    Asus 1000H REV:1.1G
    Asus 1000H REV:1.2G
    Asus 1000HE REV:1.0G
    Asus 1000HV REV:1.1G
    Asus 1001PX REV:1.1
    Asus 1001PX REV:1.2
    Asus 1001PXD REV:1.1
    Asus 1001PXD REV:1.2
    Asus 1003HA REV:1.3G 08G2003HA13Q
    Asus 1005HA REV:1.2
    Asus 1005HA REV:1.2
    Asus 1005HA REV:1.2G
    Asus 1005HA REV:1.3 08G2005HA13J
    Asus 1005HA REV:1.3 08G2005HA13Q
    Asus 1005HA REV:1.3 08G2005H13F
    Asus 1005HA REV:1.3G
    Asus 1005P REV:1.2G
    Asus 1008HA REV:1.3G
    Asus 1008P REV:1.2
    Asus 1011PXD REV:1.1G
    Asus 1015B REV:1.1G
    Asus 1015B REV:1.2G
    Asus 1015BX REV:2.1G
    Asus 1015P REV:1.3G
    Asus 1015PN REV:1.2G
    Asus 1015PX REV:1.0G
    Asus 1015PX REV:1.4G
    Asus 1015PZ REV:1.1G
    Asus 1015T REV:1.2
    Asus 1015X REV:1.0G
    Asus 1018P REV:2.1
    Asus 1101HA REV:2.0
    Asus 1201HA REV:2.1
    Asus 1201K REV:2.0
    Asus 1201N REV:2.2
    Asus 1215B REV:2.0
    Asus 1215B REV:2.2
    Asus 1215N/VX6 REV:1.4
    Asus 1215N/VX6 REV:1.5
    Asus 700 REV:2.3G
    Asus 904HD REV:1.3G
    Asus 990AX REV:1.1G
    Asus A2S A2C REV:2.2
    Asus A2S A2C/A2S REV:2.3
    Asus A2D A2D REV:2.1
    Asus A2H A2H/L REV:2.1
    Asus A2H A2H/L REV:2.4
    Asus A2LP A2H/L/E REV:2.7
    Asus A2K A2K REV:2.1
    Asus A2T A2T REV:2.1
    Asus A3FCP A3F REV:2.1
    Asus A3H A3H REV:2.1
    Asus A3L A3N REV:2.2
    Asus A3VCP A3V REV:2.1
    Asus A4L A4L REV:2.2
    Asus A4L A4L REV:2.2
    Asus A6JA A6J REV:2.0
    Asus A6JA A6J REV:2.0
    Asus A6JE A6JE REV:2.1
    Asus A6KM A6KM REV:2.0
    Asus A6KM A6KM REV:3.0
    Asus A6NE A6NE REV:2.0
    Asus A6RP A6RP REV:2.2
    Asus A6RP A6RP REV:2.3
    Asus A6T A6T REV:2.0
    Asus A6VA A6V REV:2.2
    Asus A6VM A6VM REV:2.0
    Asus A6VM REV:3.1
    Asus A7G A7G REV:2.0
    Asus A7J A7J REV:2.2
    Asus A7S A7S REV:2.1
    Asus A7SN A7S REV:2.1
    Asus A7SN A7S REV:2.1
    Asus A7SN A7S REV:2.1 08G27AS0021J
    Asus A7SV A7S REV:2.1 08G27AS0021G
    Asus GS2 A7S REV:2.1 08G27AS0021I
    Asus A7M A7T REV:2.0
    Asus A7T A7T REV:2.0 08G27AT0020J
    Asus A7M A7T REV:3.0
    Asus A7T A7T REV:3.0
    Asus A7V A7V REV:2.1 08-27AV0021I
    Asus C90S C90S REV:3.0G
    Asus EP101 REV:1.4G
    Asus F3L F3E REV:2.2 08G23FE0022V
    Asus F3JA F3JA REV:2.1 08G23FJ0021W
    Asus F3JA F3JA REV:2.1 08G23FJ0021I
    Asus F3JP F3JA REV:2.2 08G23FJ0022J
    Asus F3JP F3JA REV:2.2 08G23FJ0022G
    Asus F3JC F3JM REV:2.1 08G23FM0021I
    Asus F3JC F3JM REV:2.2 08G23FM0022J
    Asus F3JV F3JM REV:2.2 08G23FM0022J
    Asus F3JR F3JR REV:2.0 08G23FR0020G
    Asus F3SR F3JR REV:2.0 08G23FR0020J
    Asus F3KA F3K REV:2.1 08G2003FK21J
    Asus F3KA F3K REV:2.1 08G2003FK21G
    Asus F3KA F3K REV:2.1 08G23FV0020G
    Asus F3KE F3K REV:2.1 08G2003FK21J
    Asus F3KE F3K REV:2.1 08G23FV0020G
    Asus M51KR F3KR REV:2.1 08G2003FR21J
    Asus F3SE F3S REV:2.0 08G23FS0020J
    Asus F3SE F3S REV:2.0 08G23FS0020Q
    Asus F3SA F3SA REV:2.0 08G2003FA20J
    Asus F3SR F3SA REV:2.0 08G2003FA20J
    Asus F3SR F3SA REV:2.0 08G2003FA20G
    Asus F3SR F3SA REV:2.0 08G2003FA20J
    Asus F3SA F3SA REV:2.2 08G2003FA22G
    Asus F3SR F3SA REV:2.2 08G2003FA20J
    Asus F3SC F3SV REV:2.0 08G23FV0020J
    Asus F3SV F3SV REV:2.0 08G2003FA20J
    Asus F3SV F3SV REV:2.0 08G23FV0020G
    Asus F3SC F3SV REV:2.3 08G23FV0023J
    Asus F3SV F3SV REV:2.3 08G23FV0023G
    Asus F3T F3T REV:2.1
    Asus F3T F3T/F3TC REV:2.2 08G23FT0022J
    Asus F3TC F3T/F3TC REV:2.2 08G23FT0022J
    Asus F3T F3TC REV:2.0
    Asus F50SL F50SL REV:2.1
    Asus F50SV F50SV REV:2.0
    Asus F5C F5C REV:2.0 08G2005FC20Q
    Asus F5M F5M REV:2.3 08F25FR0023Q
    Asus F5M F5M REV:2.3 08G25FM0023Q
    Asus F5N F5N Rev:2.1 08G2005FN21Q
    Asus F5N F5N Rev:2.1 08G2005FN21J
    Asus F5N F5N Rev:2.1 08G2005FN21G
    Asus F5R F5R REV:2.3 08G25FR0023J
    Asus F5R F5R REV:2.3 08F25FR0023J
    Asus F5RL F5RL REV:2.0 08G2005FR20G
    Asus F5SL F5SL REV:2.0 08G2005FS20Q
    Asus F5SL F5SL REV:2.0 08G2005FS20G
    Asus F5SL F5SL REV:2.0 08G2005FS20J
    Asus F5SL F5SL REV:2.1 08G2005FS21J
    Asus F5V F5V REV:2.0 08G25FV0020J
    Asus F5V F5V REV:2.0 08G25FV0020V
    Asus F5VL F5VL REV:2.0 08G2005FL20G
    Asus F5VL F5VL REV:2.0 08G2005FL20V
    Asus F5VL F5VL REV:2.0 08G2005FL20J
    Asus F5VL F5VL REV:2.0 08G2005FL20Q
    Asus F5VL F5VL REV:2.0 08G2005L20J
    Asus F5Z F5Z REV:2.0
    Asus F70SL F70SL REV:2.0
    Asus N90SC F70SL REV:2.0
    Asus F83VF F83VF REV:2.0
    Asus F9E F9E REV:2.1 08G2009FE21J
    Asus F9E F9E REV:2.1 08G2009FE21Q
    Asus G2SG G2SG REV:2.0 08G27AS0021I
    Asus G71GX G71G REV:2.3G
    Asus G72GX G72GX REV:2.0
    Asus S2B J2 REV:2.0 08-20DN0022Z
    Asus S2N J2N REV:2.2 08-20DN0022Z
    Asus K50AB K40AB REV:1.3G
    Asus K40AD K40AB REV:2.1
    Asus K50AF K40AB REV:2.1
    Asus K40AF K40AB REV:2.3
    Asus K40C K40C REV:2.1
    Asus K50C K40C REV:2.1
    Asus K50ID K40ID REV:2.0
    Asus K50IE K40ID REV:2.0
    Asus K50IN K40IN REV:2.2G
    Asus K50IP K40IN REV:2.2G
    Asus K42F K42F REV:2.0
    Asus K42F K42F REV:3.0
    Asus K42F K42F REV:3.2
    Asus K42JC K42JC REV:2.2
    Asus K42JR K42Jr REV:2.0
    Asus K42JK K42Jr REV:3.0
    Asus K42JR K42Jr REV:4.0
    Asus K42JY K42Jr REV:4.1
    Asus K42JV K42JV REV:2.0
    Asus K50IJ K50IJ REV
    Asus K40IJ K50IJ REV:2.1
    Asus K50IJ K50IJ REV:2.3
    Asus K51AB K51AB REV:2.1
    Asus K51AE K51AB REV:2.3
    Asus K51IC K51I0 REV:2.1
    Asus K61IC K51IO REV:2.1
    Asus K52DR K52DR REV 2.0
    Asus K52DE K52DR REV 2.2
    Asus K52F K52F REV:2.0
    Asus K52JC K52JC REV:2.0
    Asus K52JB K52JR REV:2.0
    Asus K52JR K52JR REV:2.0
    Asus K52JE K52JR REV:2.2
    Asus K52JU K52JR REV:2.3A
    Asus K53E K53SD REV:2.3
    Asus K70ID K70ID REV:2.0
    Asus K50IN KN0IN REV:2.2G
    Asus M2N M2N REV:2.2 08-20CN00222
    Asus M50SR M50S REV:2.0 08G2005MS20G
    Asus M50SR M50S REV:2.0 08G2005MS20G
    Asus M50SV M50S REV:2.0 08G2005MS20W
    Asus X55SR M50S REV:2.0 08G2005MS20J
    Asus M50VM M50VM REV:2.0 08G2005MM20J
    Asus M51TA M51T REV:2.0 08G2005MT20G
    Asus M51TR M51T REV:2.0 08G2005MT20J
    Asus M51TR M51T REV:2.0 08G2005MT20G
    Asus M51TA M51T REVB:2.0 08G2005MT20J
    Asus M51TR M51T REVB:2.0 08G2005MT20G
    Asus M51TR M51T REVB:2.0 08G2005MT20Q
    Asus M51TR M51T REVB:2.0 08G2005MT20J
    Asus M51TR M51T REVB:2.0 08G2005MT20G
    Asus M51VR M51VA REV:2.0 08G2005MT20J
    Asus M51VR M51VA REV:2.1 08G2005MT20J
    Asus M5A M5A REV:2.2 08-20KV0022I
    Asus M5N M5N REV:2.0 08-20KN0020Z
    Asus M6NE M6N REV:2.2 08-20MN0022I
    Asus M6V M6V/A REV:2.1 08-20MV0021F
    Asus N10J REV:2.0
    Asus M51TP N50TP REV:2.0
    Asus N50VC N50VN REV:2.0
    Asus N53JF N53JG REV:2.2
    Asus N53JF N53JG REV:2.2
    Asus N53JG N53JG REV:2.2
    Asus N53JN N53JN REV:2.0
    Asus N61DA N61DA REV:2.1
    Asus N61JA N61JA REV:2.1
    Asus N61JV N61JV REV:2.0
    Asus N61VG N61VG REV:1.1
    Asus N61VN N61VN REV:2.1
    Asus N71JA N71JA REV:2.1
    Asus N71JV N71JV REV:2.0
    Asus N71VN N71VN REV:2.1
    Asus N71VN N71VN REV:2.1
    Asus P701 REV:1.4G
    Asus P900 REV:1.2G
    Asus S121 REV:2.1
    Asus S5N S5N REV:2.2 08-20IN0022Z
    Asus T101MT REV:1.3
    Asus T91 REV:1.6G 08G2009TA16R
    Asus T91MT REV:1.0G
    Asus U1F U1F REV:2.0 08G21UF0020I
    Asus U30JS U30JC REV:2.0
    Asus U41JF U41JF_6L REV:2.0
    Asus U41JF_6L REV:2.1
    Asus U5A U5A REV:2.0 08G22UK0020I
    Asus U5F U5F REV:2.0 08G25UF0020R
    Asus U5F U5F REV:3.1 08G25UF0031R
    Asus VX3 U6S REV:2.0 08G2026US20R
    Asus UL20A REV:2.1
    Asus UL30A UL30A REV:2.0
    Asus UL80VT UL80VT REV:3.1
    Asus V1J V1J REV:2.0 08G21VJ0020W
    Asus V1JP V1J REV:2.0 08G21VJ0020I
    Asus V1S V1S REV:2.0 08G21VA0020W
    Asus V1S V1S REV:2.1 08G21VA0021I
    Asus V1S V1S REV:2.1 08G21VA0021W
    Asus VX1 V6J REV:2.0 08G26VJ0020I
    Asus VX1 V6J REV:3.0 08G26VJ0030I
    Asus VX2 VX2 REV:2.0
    Asus VX2S VX2S REV:2.1
    Asus VX6S REV:2.0
    Asus W2J W2J REV:2.1 08G22WJ0021I
    Asus W2P W2P REV:1.1 08G22WP0011W
    Asus W2V W2V REV:2.2 08-20PV0022W
    Asus W3J W3J REV:2.1
    Asus W3N W3N REV:2.0
    Asus W3V W3V/A REV:2.1
    Asus W3V W3V/A REV:2.2
    Asus W5AE W5A REV:2.1 08-25WV0021I
    Asus W5F W5F REV:2.0 08G25WF0020I
    Asus W5FE W5FE REV:2.1 08G25WE0021I
    Asus W7S W7S REV:2.0 08G27WS0020I
    Asus X101H REV:1.3
    Asus X51R X51 REV:2.1 08G2005XA21J/q
    Asus X58C X51C REV:2.1
    Asus X58C X51C REV:2.1 08G2005XC21J
    Asus X58C X51C REV:2.1 08G2005XC21Q
    Asus X51L X51L REV:2.0
    Asus X58L X51L REV:2.1
    Asus X71SL X71SL REV:2.0
    Asus Z37S Z37S REV:2.2G 08G23ZE0022V
    Asus S3N
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