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Help with alienware aurora R7

Discussion in 'Ask for help / Desktop-Tablet Repairs' started by kevino, Apr 10, 2021.

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    In a pickle oh boy
    I managed to brick my girlfriends alienware aurora R7 mobo trying to update to 9th gen Cpu support by downgrading ME and inserting CPUID codes
    the problem is my black CH341a programmer has design flaw that outputs 5v
    the bios chip is 3.6v so the full (whole chip) 16mb bios dumps I pulled beforehand
    are corrupted. I did manage to locate the hidden recovery bios dump that dell captures for
    auto recovery (which worked nicely when I bricked it the FIRSTTIME simply replacing
    the 1 CPUID code with another using mmtool) I guess I was supposed to rename the mmtool to something different & I forgot) which I believe should contain my mobo info, MAC#, serial #, etc and I of course have latest OEM bios originally in .exe form converted to .rcs $ via dell's write to rom cmd-one of the problems is the full dump including ME region is 16mb and the OEM is 12mb and the ch341a programmer software only does full writes (you cant tell it to flash a specific region that Im aware of)

    1. Can someone advise me on my next steps?

    2.Can someone assemble a functioning vanilla copy of the R7 bios in a form that the ch341a programmer can utilize?

    3.Can someone prepare the vanilla latest OEM bios V-1.2.2 with 9th gen CPU support or instruct me in how to do it?

    I am happy to pay for the service or any advise that leads to success even with the vanilla bios only
    Ive been down 6 days already and my backup plan of installing a B360M-A mobo
    is dead in the water as the R7 case is proprietary even for the power on button!

    Ill never buy a dell again as this could have been resolved easily with a final bios update
    just like they did with the XPS-8930 which has same Z370 motherboard and only supported 8th gen initially

    thank you
    [email protected]

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