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New Profile Posts

  1. mark desuyo
  2. Grady Beaty
  3. Grady Beaty
    Grady Beaty
    Dell model w21c
  4. tarek-techno
    tarek-techno ritalo
    Please help me, I want the BIOS file for hp 600 j1, and I don't have the money
  5. napoli
    napoli Administrator
    IdeaPad 3-17ADA05 GS450GS550&GS750 NM-C821 Rev 1.0 led flashing even after flasc can you help me amd
  6. школа
  7. Qwet
  8. Manuel Ligason
    Manuel Ligason
    Need BIOS Files
  9. sabry5800
  10. tprabhakar
  11. fahed alhaji
    fahed alhaji Administrator
    Hello I want a clean file
  12. antok
  13. Sr20a1
    Sr20a1 Administrator
    Muchas gracias
  14. nasiem
    nasiem Administrator
    thanks thanks
    SYLLA iBRAHIM Administrator
    i need biios dump for my hp foilio 9480m 6050A2648201-mb-a02
  16. K4sum1
    Fuck you I'm not paying for a goddamn BIOS dump fuck you all
  17. ali.k.gal
    bios 11246-2 Lgs-1 Mb 48.4rq 21.21 for Lenovo Thinkpad X1 ...
  18. RafaelGurshumov2021
    RafaelGurshumov2021 silvano_mondino
    Hello. I need your help. Do you have an ASUS FX506LH BIOS ?
  19. liming
    Hello everyone, i am happy to join here. hope we can help eachother.
  20. Mbarek